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Nutrition & Supplementation
All of our clients begin our coaching process by submitting a food diary. Any responsible coach, before taking action, will assess your current nutrient and lifestyle status. In this food diary, we ask clients to be very thorough and provide the following data:
  1. Description of each meal throughout the day  
  2. Describe the portion size of each component of the meal  
  3. Calculate water intake throughout the day and add any other drinks consumed  
  4. List any supplements taken throughout the day and at what time  
  5. List any food allergies, intolerances and/or medical conditions
We are super thorough and make no apologies for that. We are all about results and providing high-value personal coaching.
Following the submission of a client’s food diary, we analyse and make recommendations based on this food diary and the specific goals of the individual client.

Our supplementation philosophy is simple - only supplement where necessary! If you cannot get the required nutrient from your diet for whatever reason, then we supplement, or if the body is requiring a particular supplement, we then may prescribe it e.g. slow muscle recovery post workout, we may prescribe magnesium to be consumed in the evenings.
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