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Phil came to PHF a very goal focused young man but also frustrated. I had noticed Phil in the gym for a while, most of his training was unstructured and results were not apparent for the work he was putting in. The very specific goal Phil had was to join the Navy as a Sub-Mariner. We had a big job to do with Phil as he needed to lose a significant amount of weight, whilst getting his fitness level to a point that he didn’t just pass Navy requirements, he wanted to dominate them.

If you’re the Alpha male then Phil’s story is for you. This guy just would not quit when it came to training, he would push himself to the point of vomiting almost weekly, and after a vomit, he would jump straight back in. We have clients that train as hard as Phil in our current programs but none harder, he was the gold standard. Phil’s eating was just as committed which was huge. Being a typical alpha male/one of the boys, Phil associated in the company that loved a pub meal, love the amber ale, and in large amounts. Where we turned coal into a diamond with Phil was we always brought him back to why he started. 

When temptation crept in Phil would remind himself of the gold at the end of the rainbow. A testament to his discipline Phil’s 'after' shot is him at his graduation for the Royal Australian Navy.

Be like Phil, be YOU, but be like Phil.
If you’re a shift worker you will be able to relate to the challenges James came to PHF with.
When we started with James it was important to establish that good nutrition could be achievable with shift work it just required some flexibility, adaptability and most of course preparation. The second challenge for James and any shift worker is energy to train is difficult when your sleep patterns are all over the place.

James competitive personality had him drop body fat immediately by doing the things he could control when training at the gym training hard! In a short period of time, we would build up James strength within months perform a German Volume training session of Deadlifts 10×10 at 70kg with only 60 seconds rest between sets.

Whilst James is still a work in progress he has come quite a way and is an inspiration to those that know they need to do something about their health but spend more time thinking about it than taking action.

Be like James, take action!
Blessed with some great genetics, Danny came to PHF already with some significant muscle mass, but accompanying that was belly fat that was frustrating him. Many males aged 30-50 feel frustrated by belly fat especially when they have their arms and legs in a condition they are happy with and Danny was no exception.

We immediately placed Danny on structured weight training programming but also had to allow for niggling neck and shoulder injuries that we worked in conjunction with his physio program. Danny’s story is a prime example that having treatment for soft tissue and/or joint injuries doesn’t mean you can’t make strength gains and achieve body recomposition.

The biggest difference you may notice in Danny’s before and after is his stomach was previously quite bloated and we really reduced that by making two main changes. We removed almost all dairy from his diet (if we had our way it would be ALL) and secondly we on heavy compound movements for core rather than isolated abdominal exercises etc.

If you have been battling constant niggling injuries let Danny’s story be the confidence you need that you can get in the best shape of your life and aren’t confined to a sedentary life, you just need to find the expertise to assist you to do it correctly.

Be like Danny, be YOU, but be like Danny.
As impressive transformation as they come- I don’t really need to write too much here the before and after says most of it, except I do because there is a hell of a story behind this inspirational woman (hint – those with food intolerances and gut issues this is for you).
Beth is a grandma of three, mother of four, full-time teacher, representative basketball coach, team manager for an elite basketball team, has FODMAPs not limited to be including gluten and fructose intolerances. Beth has a bunch of reasons why her before and after transformation should have been too hard- but she had a will to sacrifice, and valued herself to put herself first for the first time and boy has it paid off!

We all know that lady that does everything for everyone else but nothing for themselves- Beth was this person when we began training together. To say Beth isn’t that person anymore isn’t entirely true but Beth now knows by giving to herself she serves others much better and can now give herself validation not requiring it from others.

A highly competitive person it was just a matter of challenging Beth to keep her on track but also instilling patience that Rome was in fact not built in a day.

Over the course of 12 months, we lost big time body fat and gained some serious muscle, and are now at point where Beth lives all year round at a body fat percentage under 15.
Oh and the before and after still has one more chapter- I’ll give you a hint, it involves a tan, heels, a stage, a bikini, all the muscles and it’s happening in 2017.
Already exercising for many years Craig came in with a good base but had not been training specific to what he wanted to achieve (as you can see by his before and after photos). We made a really hasty change from a predominantly cardio based regime to a heavy-weights focused training program. In regards to nutrition, we dialled it in real specifically, and stripped fat fast!

Craig is a numbers guy. Craig feeds off statistics and data which are ideal when your goal is to gain strength and muscle. We don’t use it with all clients but we did have Craig tracking his food as he was able to use it as a constructive tool and due to his consistency and commitment, we were able to quickly speed his metabolism up to the point our calorie intake when from low 2000 to over 3500 per day.

Currently after over 18months training together Craig runs close to a 20 minute 5km Time Trial, Bench Presses over 125% of his body weight, Squats almost 200% body weight, and Deadlifts 200% bodyweight.

Oh, and did we mention he has to get up at 4 am to train at 5 am because he has two children, a wife, a corporate job, is a volunteer basketball coach, does Bootcamps on top of PT’s; yeah Craig doesn’t make excuses.

Be like Craig, be YOU, but be like Craig.
Think Over-Achiever, the person you can’t keep down. When I met Tracy she had a unique set of circumstances in that she had been suffering from MS for more than a decade. An overachiever with a successful corporate job, super organised, a wife, a mother and a determination that would lead her to conquer Kokoda, Mt Everest Base Camp, Gold Coast Marathon multiple times, climb every step of the MCG and much more.

The story of Tracy King has many layers but let’s provide you the most relevant, when Tracy is challenged with adversity, or challenge it’s a logical, tactical mindset that allows her to overcome obstacles where other use excuses – time (Tracy has almost none of this), energy (Tracy due to MS can be severely drained regardless of nutrition), money (Tracy budgets for the lifestyle she wants to lead).

In short look at Tracy’s testimonial and understand that no matter how busy you are there is someone busier than you that are making their goals a reality. To lose more than 10kg, add nearly as much muscle and live a healthy and energetic life with a horrible illness.

Be like Tracy, be YOU, but be like Tracy.

Achieve Your Goals